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why choose a commercial flat roof?

Friday evening candlelight yin yoga release, relax, repeat. Calm floods me. I part my lips to let go a deeply satisfying sighing exhale. And I choke on a cold, dirty droplet of water. I look up to find several small pools of wetness dripping with increasing frequency into other unsuspecting mouths, wreaking major havoc on my business. My very expensive, well thought out roof is leaking chaos. Everywhere. The company who built the big, beautiful home for my business to grow and flourish told me this roof would last a lifetime — if properly maintained. Especially in the beginning, I had so many bills and kept my focus on the small everyday insides rather than the foundations and bones I had already put so much into.

Time to check before I wreck and schedule some regular maintenance from a local expert born and proven in Edmonton to help me keep calm and carry on whatever the weather brings.

MD Roofing & Sheet Metal build long term quality control programs for their clients to help protect their investments and prevent emergency repair costs and damages.

Edmonton weather works in extremes. These dramas can cause shifts like swelling and shrinking, damming from melted ice and result in tears, leaks and other structural damage that requires attention and restoration.

Before you are drinking dirty water from your ceiling that is crying for attention, check your surroundings for early warning signs of trouble to come. And schedule a maintenance appointment because it’s Edmonton and you never know what you’re going to get.

Here are easy things to spot that need to be addressed:
  • Do you smell a foul odour that or see discolouration that could be mold?
    • Algae looks like green or black slime. Mold looks spotty and spreads in a way that looks like the spots are connecting. Mold can grow as a result of roof slope or any kind of drainage issue. If mold is present on your interior walls, immediate roof repair of replacement is necessary.

  • Is there water dripping or pooling anywhere?
    • There could be several hundred pounds of standing water accumulated on your roof that can cause major leaking or caving in. Mold, algae and insects can accrue wherever there is standing water.

  • Could there be a drain cover blockage from debris?
    • Your roof drains are designed so water can flow toward them keeping it from pooling on your roof. With water, comes potential anything else up there it can carry. Eventually the water can slow or stop straining your structural support with water weight. Roof drains need to be regularly inspected and cleaned. A drain blockage can have rippling effects with water seeping into HVAC units or other areas that make damage significant and costly.

  • Do you have a dislodged pitch pan preventing it from protecting your pipes?
    • Particularly if your roof has a large number of penetrations covered with pitch pockets, having it inspected every 3 to 4 months can save you from significant leaks down your pipes. Your pitch pan or pocket may have dried out and shrunk or shifted with heavy wet weather.

  • Has your waterproofing sustained enough environmental impact to be damaged?
    • If enough heavy snow has melted to pool water in areas where the flashing/roof cement has cracked or pulled away, there can be a significant amount of water that can find its way through your ceiling or down your interior walls.

If you’re uncertain of what might be going on in the great unknown up there, it’s worth asking. Roofing expert and owner of MD Roofing & Sheet Metal Mike DeVouge and his team of reliable weather proof professionals have got you covered with lasting integrity.

Your new plan to maintain and sustain might include:
  • Snow removal
  • Waterproofing
  • Trimming away heavy trees/foliage
  • Gutter cleaning/repair
  • Repairing tears/holes
  • Re-roofing with a more durable material (SBS – Styrene Butadiene Styrene)

Mike/his team members will visit your site and assess the situation with a free estimate to best equip you and your business with comfortably protecting what you have built. 

Stay safe. Please refrain from getting up there yourself, particularly if ice and snow have already landed. Some things outside of our wheelhouse are better left to the experts.

It took me a good 10 years teaching yoga full time to feel like well equipped for most things that have or could present themselves. I’ve learned to remain calm through the sun and the storm.

My unwelcome surprise wet yin yoga class was my second lesson learned the hard way since beginning my small business owner adventures. Fool me once and I might be played the fool once more. The end.

Anything that sustains changes in temperature and moisture needs to be serviced regularly so it continues to serve its purpose and perform optimally. 

Keep calm. Maintain to sustain your winter proof roof.


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