When it’s time to think about replacing your roof, MD Roofing & Sheet Metal begins with an initial assessment, providing you with a complete report that spells out all of your options, and includes a clear description of our recommendations.

When removing your old roofing system, we take all of the necessary steps to ensure the ground and the environment surrounding your commercial building stays clean and uncluttered. Your new roof installation will be a controlled and orderly process and is built to provide long term benefits to your investment. Our SBS or modified bitumen system is a flexible rubber predominantly used on flat roofs. Recognized as the best in the roofing industry, SBS is 95% more often used by school, military, government and institutional buildings in Alberta and throughout Canada.

This material is easier to maintain and improves the flexibility and fatigue resistance of the roof overall. Even during application, SBS has increased flow characteristics.

Most commonly, re-roofing involves removing an older inferior product and replacing it with a much better roof, lasting 20-30 years. To back this up, we provide a 15 year material warranty, and 10 year workmanship warranty on your new roof.

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