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Roof Maintenance in Edmonton

You can avoid costly roof repairs and replacement with a proper maintenance and inspection schedule.  MD Roofing helps Edmonton businesses and apartments keep their roofs in excellent condition with preventative maintenance work.  We check for any possible problems that may lead to more significant issues in the future.  We recommend that you have your flat roof checked every few years.  General maintenance and inspections can keep your building’s flat roof in good condition for years.  MD Roofing suggests checking the flat roof periodically for cracks, blisters and wind sweeping.  We recommend cracks or splits get repaired immediately to keep from worsening.  If you have any questions about general maintenance for your flat roof, contact MD Roofing. Contact MD Roofing Today!

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We Recommend Inspecting Your Flat Roof Every Two to Three Years

The first step is an initial inspection. We take the results of this inspection and put them together in a clear, jargon-free report that includes recommendations you may want to implement (some right away, some further on down the road).  Our reports also estimate the remaining lifespan of your roof.  The report will also outline additional important information, including how much debris is collected, and whether drains are getting plugged or are prone to plugging.  We will pinpoint any deficiencies in the current roof, including a restoration plan to fix any issues.

You can choose the maintenance plan that works best for you.  We provide preventative maintenance for your drainage and roofing systems, monthly, quarterly, or annually.  Taking a proactive approach to roof maintenance will help increase the lifespan of the roof itself and provides invaluable peace of mind that your property is well protected.  Fixing a small issue now is much more cost-effective compared to letting it materialize into a significant problem down the road.   Preventative maintenance pays off in the long run!  Call us today for your initial inspection


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MD Roofing offers a roof maintenance program to help keep your commercial roofing in prime condition.  A regular maintenance program will decrease the need for emergency roof repair and will reduce the risk of costly water leak damage.  Trust in MD Roofing when it comes to your commercial property.  Give our team a call today with any questions or to book your consultation! Contact MD Roofing!