Preventive maintenance

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General maintenance and inspections can keep your building’s flat roof in good condition. Flat roofs have several more possible problems than slanted roofs. M.D. Roofing & Sheet Metal suggests checking the flat roof periodically for cracks, blisters and wind sweeping. Cracks or splits should be repaired immediately to keep from worsening.

Other preventive maintenance includes:

– Applying Sun Protection –

– Removing Snow Buildup –

– Keeping Drains Clear –

– Repairing Blistering –

We recommended inspecting your flat roof every two to three years.

The first step in a maintenance routine is an initial inspection. We take the results of this inspection and put them together in a clear, jargon-free, report that includes recommendations you may want to implement (some right away, some further on down the road). Our report also estimates how much life your roof has left in it, and it provides other important information, including how much debris is being collected, and whether drains are getting plugged or are prone to plugging.

It also pinpoints any deficiencies in the current system, includes a roof diagram and analysis, as well as a restoration plan to fix any issues.

You can choose the maintenance plan that works best for you. We can provide preventative maintenance for your drainage and roofing systems, monthly, quarterly, or annually.
Our clients are reaping the benefits of being proactive. The bottom line is easy to read. You get more life out of your roof by taking the often-simple steps to maintain it.

It is far easier to fix a problem when it is small rather than wait until it is large.  In the long run, preventative maintenance pays off!  Call us today for your initial inspection!

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