Flat Roof Repair in Edmonton

MD Roofing is Edmonton’s most reliable roofing contractor for flat roof repair.  Various flat-modified bitumen roofing systems are available in today’s market.  If not correctly installed and maintained, the different types of flat roofing can all experience issues leading to urgent repairs or complete replacement.  MD Roofing is proud to take care of any commercial flat or metal roof replacements and repairs in Edmonton and Alberta.   If your commercial roof requires an inspection, a repair or a complete replacement, trust the experts at MD Roofing to complete the job.

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    Edmonton's Premier Contractor for Flat Roof Replacement

    We use only the best quality materials to ensure your flat roof upholds the highest standards and durability.  The best roofing material available for Edmonton’s harsh seasons is SBS roofing.  This is because it is more durable and can keep your roof integrity during all seasons.  To learn more about SBS roofing, visit our page here.

    Learn More About SBS Roofing

    MD Roofing installs and repairs all SBS-modified bitumen roofing types.  SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene) roofing is a highly durable, two-ply torch-on roofing system suited to flat or low slope roofs. This specific type of asphalt is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and is the best long-term solution for flat roofs.  SBS roofing is the best way to keep your commercial building’s roof waterproof for a very long time. The installers at MD Roofing are friendly experts, fully trained and certified in commercial and Industrial torch-on roof repair. When we manage your project, we pay attention to detail so that the entire experience, from the initial consultation to the final cleanup, is enjoyable.

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    How Do I Know If My Flat Roof Needs Repairs?

    The biggest potential issue with any roof is a water leak.  Leaks can happen during heavy rain or in the spring during snowmelt.  Roof leaks happen when water breaks through the protective membrane.  The biggest concern is that roof leaks often occur slowly.  The water penetrates the roofing but accumulates slowly within the building structure.  Sometimes it takes extended periods for water damage to show itself. At this point, the repair costs can be astronomical.  MD Roofing recommends regular, thorough inspections of your commercial flat roof.  The cost of routine inspections is a fraction of the potential damage if you suffer a leak.

    Below are some common causes of flat roof damage:

    • Long-term exposure to the elements (sunlight, water, wind, other elements) can cause severe damages.
    • Unexpected plant growth (moss or algae) from standing water can also cause damage to the protective membrane.
    • Excess standing water caused by improper drainage can damage the roofing layer as well as the structure below it due to excess weight from the water.

    Putting off regular inspections or roof repairs will cost you more in the long term.  We highly recommend having a reliable roofing contractor inspect your flat roof regularly.  We also recommend that property owners perform regular visual inspections on their roofs.  Here are some tell-tale signs that your flat roof may require us to come and inspect it:

    • Deteriorating or damaged flashing
    • Blistering
    • Lack of ventilation
    • Roof rot
    • Growing moss or mould
    • Ponding (standing or pooling water)
    • Open membrane seams
    • Empty pitch pockets
    • Membrane tears and holes

    The Importance of Regular Flat Roof Maintenance

    Roofing maintenance is one of the most significant ways business owners can save themselves money and stress over time. Avoid roofing headaches by regularly scheduling appointments for professional care and inspections for your roofing. Thanks to modern advances in roofing equipment, we can help pinpoint the exact areas of your flat or metal roofing that require service. We can advise you on whether or not you need a commercial roof replacement or repair in Edmonton. Inspecting the condition of your roofing membrane and materials is also essential to preventing future leaks and extending your roofing’s lifespan.

    The team at MD Roofing has the experience and skill to keep your flat roof in perfect condition long-term.  Trust our experts and get the peace-of-mind you deserve by having us come out to inspect your roof regularly.

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