Maintenance Tips for Commercial Roofs Every Property Owner Needs to Read

Even with every precaution, disaster can still strike and damage your commercial property. However, there are still several roof maintenance practices that can keep your roof in the best condition possible while giving it the best chance to stand up to anything that comes your way.

With all that in mind, it’s time to share our top roof maintenance tips that every property owner needs to read. Staying on top of these practices will help protect your property and your business, saving you a lot of money.

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Roof Maintenance Tips Every Property Owner Needs to Read

Assess your Roof after Storms

Depending on the storm’s severity, it’s usually best to book a professional post-storm assessment for your roof. However, in the meantime, you can check out the roof to look for signs of damage. After a storm, things to check for include lifting or cracking in the roofing material that could lead to leaks.

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    Check your Gutters & Drains

    A clog in your commercial roof gutters or drains can spell big trouble for commercial property owners! Even a tiny clog can cause a big backup. Clogs can result in property damage,  closing your business temporarily for repairs.

    Many property owners find pressure washing a tempting option for keeping their roofs clear of debris. However, this often causes more problems than solutions! Pressure washing a roof can force debris under your roofing material rather than flushing it out. Not to mention, it can also lead to rot, mould growth, and water damage.

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    Fix Small Issues Right Away

    Once you notice a minor issue with your roof, it’s critical to address it immediately. As tempting as it might be to wait until your annual roof inspection or maintenance, this is often too late. When you get what was once a tiny issue looked at, it often becomes bigger.

    So, when you find a problem with your roof, you should call MD Roofing so we can fix it for you!

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    Remember that Tree Maintenance & Roof Maintenance Go Hand in Hand

    When you think of roof maintenance, you might consider just your roof. But the truth is, many other factors to consider in protecting your roof.

    And one of the big ones is the trees on your property!

    Maintaining the trees on your property is essential to prevent them from damaging your roof during windstorms and other weather events. Trim the branches and clear any weak or rotting trees as quickly as possible.

    Schedule regular roof maintenance and inspection appointments

    Did you know MD Roofing offers a roof maintenance program to help keep your commercial roofing in prime condition? A regular maintenance program will decrease the need for emergency roof repair and reduce the risk of costly water leak damage. Trust in MD Roofing when it comes to protecting your commercial property. We recommend a commercial flat roof inspection every two or three years.

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