Removing Snow From A Flat Roof Edmonton


Winter is coming!  Winters in Edmonton can be particularly harsh and the last thing your business needs is a leaky roof.

The farmers almanac is saying we are in for a frosty one so buckle up!


  1. Loose or removed materials around the edge of the building. This could include fascia, trim or edging
  2. Water damage that is visible or interior leaks. Interior leaks will appear as discoloration of the ceiling or walls. If you have a water stain, this is a good sign of a leak
  3. Water on the floor of the building. This can come from anywhere and is still of significant concern.
  4. Cracks in the ceiling or walls. Cracks in your drywall are a good indication of settling, so there is a good chance the roof has moved.
  5. Moulding anywhere is very serious. The crawlspaces should be checked as well as between the ceilings and walls.
  6. Visual inspection of the roof. Are there any missing materials? This can include downspouts, gutters and the roof itself.
  7. Noticeable sagging in the roof. Flat roofs have to carry heavy snow in Edmonton’s harsh winters. Any sagging is of grave concern.
  8. Discoloration or noticeable weather damage to the roof materials. Repairs should be made before winter, not after it starts.
  9. Check for debris on the roof. Any trees, branches, leaves, or garbage on the roof should be removed. There should be nothing on the roof.
  10. Inspection of the seams of the roof. Is there any cracking in the roof system? Is the SBS-modified bitumen still intact?

Edmonton’s winters are scary!  Be prepared because winter is coming!

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